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Monthly Archives: August 2019

A Recession Does Not Equal a Housing Crisis ...

Aug 30, 2019
Some Highlights: There is plenty of talk in the media about a pending economic slowdown. The good news is, home val [more]
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iBuyers: What Is the “Cost of Convenience” W...

Aug 29, 2019
When thinking about selling their house, homeowners have many options. A relatively new option is using an “iBuyer. [more]
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Top Priorities When Moving with Kids

Aug 28, 2019
According to the Pew Research Center, around 37% of U.S students will be going back to school soon and the rest hav [more]
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What’s the Latest on Interest Rates?

Aug 27, 2019
Mortgage rates have fallen by over a full percentage point since Q4 of 2018, settling at near-historic lows. This i [more]
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Experts Predict a Strong Housing Market for ...

Aug 26, 2019
We’re in the back half of the year, and with a decline in interest rates as well as home price and wage appreciatio [more]
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A Latte a Day Keeps Homeownership Away [INFO...

Aug 23, 2019
Some Highlights: The pumpkin spice latte is launching soon, so you may be tempted to spend your extra cash on a dai [more]
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5 Easy Steps to Avoid Overwhelm from Media O...

Aug 22, 2019
When someone is thinking about buying or selling a home, they want to be well-informed. They want to make the right [more]
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Seniors Are on the Move in the Real Estate M...

Aug 21, 2019
Did you know August 21st is National Senior Citizens Day? According to the United States Census, we honor senior ci [more]
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Housing Supply Not Keeping Up with Populatio...

Aug 20, 2019
Many buyers are wondering where to find houses for sale in today’s market. It’s a true dilemma. We see an increase [more]
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A Great Way to Increase Your Family’s Net Wo...

Aug 19, 2019
Every three years, the Federal Reserve conducts its Survey of Consumer Finances. Data is collected across all econo [more]
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