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Monthly Archives: March 2020

The Economic Impact of Buying a Home

Mar 31, 2020
We’re in a changing real estate market, and life, in general, is changing too – from how we grocery sho [more]
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The Best Advice Does Not Mean Perfect Advice

Mar 30, 2020
The angst caused by the coronavirus has most people on edge regarding both their health and financial situations. I [more]
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What You Can Do to Keep Your Dream of Homeow...

Mar 27, 2020
Some Highlights: Don’t put your homeownership plans on hold just because you’re stuck inside. There are [more]
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Don’t Let Frightening Headlines Scare You

Mar 26, 2020
There’s a lot of anxiety right now regarding the coronavirus pandemic. The health situation must be addressed [more]
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Is Now a Good Time to Refinance My Home?

Mar 25, 2020
With interest rates hitting all-time lows over the past few weeks, many homeowners are opting to refinance. To deci [more]
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Why the Stock Market Correction Probably Won...

Mar 24, 2020
With the housing crash of 2006-2008 still visible in the rear-view mirror, many are concerned the current correctio [more]
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Economic Slowdown: What the Experts Are Sayi...

Mar 23, 2020
More and more economists are predicting a recession is imminent as the result of the pullback in the economy caused [more]
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Coronavirus Looming, Housing Market Booming

Mar 20, 2020
The home buying and selling season has officially kicked off! While this is usually a predictable and exciting time [more]
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A Recession Does Not Equal a Housing Crisis

Mar 20, 2020
Some Highlights The COVID-19 pandemic is causing an economic slowdown. The good news is, home values actually incre [more]
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Are We About to See a New Wave of Foreclosur...

Mar 19, 2020
With all of the havoc being caused by COVID-19, many are concerned we may see a new wave of foreclosures. Restauran [more]
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