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Monthly Archives: June 2023

Key Reasons To Use a Real Estate Agent When ...

Jun 30, 2023
Some Highlights An agent is a really important part of selling your home because they bring a lot of skill and expe [more]
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Where Will You Go If You Sell? Newly Built H...

Jun 29, 2023
Do you want to sell your house, but hesitate because you’re worried you won’t be able to find your next home in tod [more]
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Lending Standards Are Not Like They Were Lea...

Jun 28, 2023
You might be worried we’re heading for a housing crash, but there are many reasons why this housing market isn’t li [more]
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Why Homeownership Wins in the Long Run

Jun 27, 2023
Today’s higher mortgage rates, inflationary pressures, and concerns about a potential recession have some people qu [more]
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The True Cost of Selling Your House on Your ...

Jun 26, 2023
Selling your house is no simple task. While some homeowners opt to sell their homes on their own, known as a FSBO ( [more]
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Homeownership Helps Protect You from Inflati...

Jun 23, 2023
Some Highlights Wondering if it makes sense to buy a home today even when inflation is high? When other costs go up [more]
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What Homebuyers Need To Know About Credit Sc...

Jun 22, 2023
If you’re thinking about buying a home, you should know your credit score’s a critical piece of the puzzle when it [more]
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Eco-Friendly, Energy-Efficient Homes Attract...

Jun 21, 2023
Are you planning to sell your house? If so, you may be surprised to hear just how much buyers value energy efficien [more]
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Why the Median Home Price Is Meaningless in ...

Jun 20, 2023
The National Association of Realtors (NAR) will release its latest Existing Home Sales (EHS) report later this week [more]
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Saving for a Down Payment? Here’s What You N...

Jun 19, 2023
If you’re planning to buy your first home, then you’re probably focused on saving for all the costs inv [more]
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