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Why Waiting to Buy a Home Could Cost You a S...

May 06, 2021
Many people are sitting on the fence trying to decide if now’s the time to buy a home. Some are renters who have a [more]
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Are Interest Rates Expected to Rise Over the...

May 05, 2021
So far this year, mortgage rates continue to hover around 3%, encouraging many hopeful homebuyers to enter the hous [more]
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Should I Buy Now or Wait? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apr 30, 2021
Some Highlights If you’re thinking that waiting a year or two to purchase a home might mean you’ll save [more]
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Planning to Move? You Can Still Secure a Low...

Apr 21, 2021
This year, mortgage rates have started to slowly climb above recent record-breaking lows. Many homeowners planning [more]
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How a Change in Mortgage Rate Impacts Your H...

Mar 30, 2021
Mortgage rates are on the rise this year, but they’re still incredibly low compared to the historic average. [more]
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Buyer & Seller Perks in Today’s Housing ...

Mar 25, 2021
Right now, the housing market is full of outstanding opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Whether y [more]
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Will the Housing Market Bloom This Spring?

Mar 11, 2021
Spring is almost here, and many are wondering what it will bring for the housing market. Even though the pandemic c [more]
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6 Simple Graphs Proving This Is Nothing Like...

Mar 10, 2021
Last March, many involved in the residential housing industry feared the market would be crushed under the pressure [more]
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How Upset Should You Be about 3% Mortgage Ra...

Mar 09, 2021
Last Thursday, Freddie Mac announced that their 30-year fixed mortgage rate was over 3% (3.02%) for the first time [more]
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How Smart Is It to Buy a Home Today?

Mar 03, 2021
Whether you’re buying your first home or selling your current house, if your needs are changing and you think [more]
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