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How an Expert Can Help You Understand Inflat...

Sep 27, 2022
If you’re following today’s housing market, you know two of the top issues consumers face are inflation and mortgag [more]
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Top Reasons Homeowners Are Selling Their Hou...

Sep 21, 2022
Some people believe there’s a group of homeowners who may be reluctant to sell their houses because they don’t want [more]
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Expert Forecasts on Mortgage Rates

Sep 07, 2022
If you’ve been thinking of buying a home, you may have been watching what’s happened with mortgage rates over the p [more]
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3 Tips for Buying a Home Today

Aug 22, 2022
If you put off your home search at any point over the past two years, you may want to consider picking it back up b [more]
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What Would a Recession Mean for the Housing ...

Aug 16, 2022
According to a recent survey from the Wall Street Journal, the percentage of economists who believe we’ll see a rec [more]
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Housing Market Forecast for the Rest of 2022...

Aug 05, 2022
Some Highlights The housing market is shifting away from the intensity of the past two years. Here’s what experts p [more]
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Expert Housing Market Forecasts for the Seco...

Jul 12, 2022
The housing market is at a turning point, and if you’re thinking of buying or selling a home, that may leave you wo [more]
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The Drop in Mortgage Rates Brings Good News ...

Jul 11, 2022
Over the past few weeks, the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate from Freddie Mac fell by half a percent. The drop [more]
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What Does an Economic Slowdown Mean for the ...

Jul 07, 2022
According to a recent survey, more and more Americans are concerned about a possible recession. Those concerns were [more]
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What Does the Rest of the Year Hold for the ...

May 31, 2022
If you’re thinking of buying or selling a house, you’re at an exciting decision point. And anytime you make a big d [more]
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