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Housing Report 2021-04-19 Extra! Extra! Inve...

Apr 20, 2021
A Rising Inventory After continuously dropping since last October, the active listing inventory rose by 6%. Undoubt [more]
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Housing Report 2021-04-05 Waiting Will Be Co...

Apr 07, 2021
Cost of Waiting Housing will become more unaffordable as homes continue to rapidly appreciate and mortgage rates ri [more]
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Housing Report 2021-03-22 A Market Shift

Mar 24, 2021
The Coming Change The sharp rise in mortgage rates from 2.65% during the first week of January to 3.09% today is ju [more]
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Housing Report 2021-03-08 More Homes Coming

Mar 12, 2021
New FOR-SALE Signs Nearly a third of all homes that enter the fray during the year come on the market over the cour [more]
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Housing Report 2021-02-22 No Top in Sight

Feb 24, 2021
Values Rising The market velocity is extremely fast, and it is a Hot Seller’s Market where values are rising swiftl [more]
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Housing Report 2021-02-08 Bidding War

Feb 10, 2021
Multiple Offers It is not uncommon for homes marketed FOR-SALE to procure 5, 10, 15, or even more offers to purchas [more]
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Housing Report 2021-01-25 Boiling Over

Jan 27, 2021
Insatiable Demand With a record low supply of homes available to purchase and staggering demand, the market is extr [more]
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Housing Report 2021-01-11 Blazing Beginning

Jan 13, 2021
Hot Seller’s Market With a record low supply of homes available to purchase and staggering demand, the market is ex [more]
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Housing Report 2020-12-28 A 2021 Forecast

Dec 30, 2020
Orange County Housing Report: A 2021 Forecast Active Inventory After starting the year with very few available home [more]
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Housing Report 2020-12-14 Lock It In!

Dec 16, 2020
Interest Rates The current 30-year mortgage rate is at 2.7%, a 14th record low since March Today’s mortgage rates a [more]
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